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Plumbing Repair and Installation in Dallas, Georgia

At Skyline Plumbing & Septic, we know that plumbing repairs are rarely planned. That’s why we offer same-day service (in most cases) and emergency hours, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll take care of you.

Pressure-Reducing Valves

High water pressure is the number one enemy of your home’s plumbing system. Water pressure that’s too high can cause your plumbing fixtures to fail unexpectedly, as it puts stress on all aspects of your home’s plumbing system. Don’t let a simple problem cost you expensive repairs in the future. Our skilled professionals can quickly resolve noisy, rattling pipes often associated with high water pressure and will bring your PSI to the best possible level.

Bathroom Repairs & Remodels

As a homeowner, you pay for the amount of water you use. Every drop of water costs you money, so a leaky faucet can end up costing you hundreds of dollars more on your water bill. At Skyline Plumbing & Septic, we specialize in repairing leaky sink and tub faucets, as well as replacing fixtures such as sinks, tubs, and toilets. Start saving water. Start saving money. Schedule a repair today.

Water Line Repair & Replacement

Broken or leaky pipes can cause excessive damage to the walls and floors of your home. At Skyline Plumbing & Septic, we specialize in repairing your broken pipe systems. Whether your leak is seen or unseen, we quickly and effectively repair and replace broken pipes without having to replace the entire line. Our expert plumbers will get your system working to full capacity as quickly as possible so you don’t have to put your life on hold.

Plumbing Inspections

Whether you’re remodeling, buying a new home or just having trouble with an appliance, plumbing inspections are important. Faulty pipes can end up causing major problems down the road, so don’t move forward blindly. Don’t throw away your investment – schedule an inspection today.


“Thanks for your promptness in correcting my mess inside my basement. Your Secretary was very nice in helping me get a plumber out so fast.” – Marietta, GA